Mother’s day

Today was a special day – my first run since getting injured last Saturday! Yes, that and more importantly, today is Mother’s day. What exactly does that have to do with trail running? Well, for me, everything really.

Over the past 3 or so years, trail running has become an important part of my life. Ever the introvert, I really savour being alone, out in the hills where I can forget the stresses of urban life and just soak in the surroundings. I find it pretty tough to get through a week at work without my fix on the weekend.

As important as it is to me, I also recognise that trail running is an entirely selfish hobby, and without the support of my dear wife, it would be something I could never responsibly enjoy. Each hour I spend out on the trails is an hour away from my family, and an hour that J has to spend looking after E on her own. And while I selfishly indulge in all the beauty that the hills surrounding Melbourne have to offer, she selflessly makes sure everything at home is in order.

So here’s a big thanks to you, J, for every hour I spend training, and every trail I’ve been blessed to explore. Happy Mother’s day!

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