Never too late to learn

So, having taken yet another week of injury time off last week, I decided that it was about time to actually learn how to run. I bit the bullet and signed up for a running class with Mark Gorski from The starter package comes with 3 sessions, a video analysis and running tips, with options for follow up after.

So, I peeled myself out of bed at 0530 this morning – something I haven’t done in quite a while, and made my way down to the CBD for my first session in the nearby Olympic Park oval.

Mark’s a pretty nice guy, and from my initial meeting, he seems really knowledgeable and experienced. He was able to make some initial observations, rightly pointing out that my glutes were being next to useless in my running stride, when they really should be the main engines. My hamstrings and calves have always borne most of the load, and since I do run rather long distances regularly, a lot of my injuries do stem from that. So the first mission will be to activate my lazy, dormant glutes.

The one hour session included the video analysis and I got some take-home drills to incorporate into my daily schedule – I am hoping to be dilligent with these – it would be nice to finally have an injury-free year (or more!).

Pretty pleased with the service so far – I will give an update further down on how the subsequent sessions go.

In other news, my tib-ant tendon seems to have settled down, so this Sunday’s GOR marathon is looking very possible now. As I was pondering over that, I realised that my perspective on distances has become somewhat severely warped. My first marathon was something I devoted a better part of a year training for. Now, 45km just feels like an average weekend run, albeit on the longer side. Oh well, at least the weather is looking awesome down at Apollo Bay!

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