Two in a row!

Distance: 4.27km

Time: 20:55

Pace: 4:54/km

This week, Mum and Dad are visiting us (well, lets be honest, they’re really here just for their grandson E!) all the way from Singapore, so that made me feel a bit better for skipping my weekend long run, which probably is best for now given my foot is on the mend. However, there was still a big running itch to scratch, so I popped out today for a quick 4.5kms.

In the short month since the GOR marathon I have managed to lose a fair bit of fitness, so I was all huffing and puffing at the end of my little 4km+ run, despite running mere 5 min kms. It’s a bit annoying to have to start over, but having been injured so much, experience has taught me that fitness comes back pretty quickly with consistent work, so a couple of weeks of rehab and I will be back up and running (pun intended)!

Even better was, there was no pain at all during the run – not from the niggly foot, nor from any of the other muscles that have essentially been having a bit of a holiday. I am really lousy at cross training – I run because I enjoy it. I’m not in it for fitness, weight loss or any of the other side benefits. In fact, I’ve read a couple of articles that suggest that endurance running may possibly shorten my life expectancy! I run purely because I think running is fun. So if I can’t run, well… the cross trainer is dull and I hate swimming, so quite frankly I would rather sit on the couch, play video games, eat pizza and get fat.

The only times I’ve faithfully done any cross training was when there was some significant big event looming and I was trying to get across the line. This time though, I have a year to TNF100, and plenty of static strength work/glute activation exercises to do. So, for now, I will take it nice and easy coming back in to it, and run just enough to scratch the itch, all the while looking forward to my next long run on the trails!

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