Plans out the window, but who cares when you can run!

Nothing went to plan this week! Trying to sort out all my work with my clients was, for lack of a better example, like trying to untangle three balls of wool simultaneously whilst a whole litter of kittens have their way with them at the same time.

On top of that, I’ve been dealing with an on-off cold – it’s been just a tickle in the throat at night, and waking up with a swollen throat, but then it goes away during the day – puzzling!

So, thank God for running! Well, except that running didn’t really go according to plan either. Remember how I am supposed to be making a gradual comeback for the sake of my sore foot? Well, here’s how this week went:

Monday: Long run in lieu of Sunday (12.5km, 1:10:28, 5:38/km)

Wednesday: Hill repeats (6.3km inc warmup/cooldown)

Thursday: Tempo run (6km, 30:02, 4:59/km)

Saturday: Long run (18.3km, 1:53:01, 6:11/km, 423m elevation)

Sunday: Recovery run (7.3km, 38:41, 5:17/km)

All for a grand total of 50.4km. So what? That’s a pretty below-average week’s mileage. Well, not really. Given I’m still in the “gradual recovery” phase, that’s more than double the 23.9km I ran last week. In fact, it’s nearly as much as the combined mileage for the last 3 weeks put together! Not really all that gradual.

The odd thing is, I’m not quite so sure how it got to there – I kinda just plodded along and before I knew it, the numbers were up. Thankfully, I haven’t hurt anything in the process, so I will have to consciously dial it down for next week or risk breaking down again.


In the meantime, just a couple of photos from this week’s long run. It was back out to Lake Lysterfield park, another little patch of wilderness nestled in the outer suburbs Melbourne. I love that place – you could easily put in 50km of trails without crossing the same trail twice.

I’ve passed this tree countless times, and never took notice until today.

The weather was wet, chilly, and slightly misty as well, so it made for some pretty interesting sights along the way – I’ve not had many visits to this park in the mist (though this is already the second time this year!), so it puts quite a different visual spin on familiar sights.


Dargon track in the northeastern extension of the park. Never seen it this way before and it sure beats the browned grass and blazing sun in summer!

The cool weather also meant that I didn’t tire as quickly, and I did nail my second fastest ascent of Lysterfield Hills track ever, and arrived at the top of that nasty climb feeling pretty strong.

Granite track

Granite track

All in all whilst I did blow the top off my mileage cap, I had a really fun time doing so this week, and it was good to flush all that stress from work out of the system. Tomorrow is the start of a brand new week, and work looks like it might possibly be worse than the week just past. On the up-side, at least I have next week’s long run to look forward to, and thank God for another week of injury free running!


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2 Responses to Plans out the window, but who cares when you can run!

  1. Martha B says:

    Hooray for your recovery. There is nothing better than being able to run pain free, and enjoy it instead of constantly worrying. It’s good that voice in the back of your head is strong enough to tell you to dial it down when you need to, though. Hopefully this week is just as pleasant and peaceful. Thank God for all the wonderful opportunities He has laid before you. Hopefully your work week is a little less chaotic, though.

    • Thanks! Good advice indeed – I am still a bit conscious of my foot even though it’s been weeks since any pain has manifested – the other thing I am worried about is hurting something else as a result of compensating for that. So you’re absolutely right, best thing is to watch my overall increases in effort, but whilst I’m out there, to just put it all away and enjoy the run! For now, easier said than done, but something for me to work on.

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