Entree, main, dessert and the icing on top


Roos make rather lousy spectators, but company is always welcome!

The running week for me opened with my a short run. I’m talking about my weekly 5km run – a casual session that goes based on however I feel. Its a run I rarely pay much attention to, and it could be slow and easy, moderate, or a headless-chicken mad dash, and this week, it was the dash. But not just any dash. I am happy to say that on Tuesday, I carved a good two minutes off my 5km PR, bringing it down from 23:51 back in April, to a decent (for me anyway) 20:50! I’ve been wanting to drop below the 22 minute barrier for some years now, and that target has eluded me, partly because I am generally slow, and also due to the nature of my training (everything is just long and slow). So, the results of Tuesday’s all out legs pounding, heart thumping mad dash were a very pleasant surprise! Needless to say, the legs were slightly wobbly for a couple of hours after, but if that had been the only good run of the week, I would have been more than satisfied.

Mist filled valleys

Mist filled valleys

Tuesday and Thursday’s runs went as planned – just gentle runs round the same lake, and nothing much to report. I was feeling rather edgy though, thanks to the weatherman. The weekend weather forecast was less than promising, and when I peeled myself from the cosy sheets on Saturday morning, much of suburban Melbourne was blanketed in a dense fog, which made for a slow drive to the trails, rather lacking in any anticipation. So, you could imagine my excitement when when I got out to Lysterfield on and opened my car door to absolutely beautiful conditions. It was probably the warmest winter run I’ve had to date, although it did get off to a chilly start.  and over in the Lysterfield Hills, the lower gullies and valleys were also filled with a heavy mist, which made for some peaceful surreal running.


IMG_0756So, after a fantastic long run, and a kick-ass short run, could the week get any better? It does when the last run of the week, the icing on the cake, is a break from the usual loop. This time, my Sunday recovery run was a casual jog in the rain through the Sydney CBD and its beautiful neighbouring Royal Botanical Gardens.

I’ve never been a huge fan of city running, but the excitement of exploring new paths more than made up for the artificial surroundings, and Sydney’s more historic architecture and the breathtaking views across the harbour was more than sufficient compensation, and when combined with the cool rain and the relatively empty pathways, it turned out to be quite a magical forty minutes or so. .


A slightly different Sunday run


What were we doing in Sydney, you might ask? Well, what better way to end an awesome week, than with a gatecrash surprise to my niece’s first birthday! Even though our families are over 900km apart, we can still be thankful that it’s just a short flight away, which makes spur of the moment trips like this possible. We were in Sydney for just a little over 24 hours, but the joy of seeing my brother, sis-in law, and watching the cousins amuse each other was well worth it. And yes, catching up with mum and dad and my sis-in-law’s parents was pretty neat too!

E&E having a whale of a time with each other

E&E having a whale of a time with each other

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!


The birthday princess, sweet as ever!

The birthday princess, sweet as ever!

We got back home on Sunday night, all far to exhausted to do anything other than plop into bed. I slept soundly and dreamt sweet dreams of family, friends, and a very long run through the woods!


The week in KMs

Tuesday: 5km, fast!

Wednesday: 8km, Tempo

Thursday: 5km, easy

Saturday: 25km, hilly, 620m elevation

Sunday: 8km, easy

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