What’s worse than a bad day at work?


A bad day at work, plus no running. And not being able to see my family.

There’s just too much work! A sensitive thing to say at a time when there are heaps of people out there who would kill for a job. However, today, I sat in front of the screen, plugging away till my stomach started to churn and an excruciating dull ache developed behind my eyes. It wasn’t too long a day as far as records go – 13 hours or so, but I think age is catching up with me. I stumbled home in a daze just in time to see E off to bed, and while I was grateful for those few minutes, I am still feeling rather bitter that it wasn’t longer than that.

So what about running? It’s been a really lousy fortnight as far as that goes. Two Sundays ago, I re-injured my Posterior Tibialis tendon. It’s one of those body parts you never knew you had until you hurt it. Unfortunately, once you do, it has a pretty high likelihood of coming back. I first pinged it over a year ago, and it took me out of proper action for a good two months. I managed to recover, run an ultramarathon and a marathon, and so for all purposes it was a part of the past that I had more or less chucked under the carpet.

And so, surprise surprise, as I was plodding along gently up the long climb to trig point in Lysterfield, I suddenly felt a needle prick along the PTT tendon, right above my medial ankle. The prick quickly spread into a burning sensation along the length of the tendon. It wasn’t too bad though, and I was able to complete my run, and even go for my usual sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday. However, Wednesday’s session just didn’t feel right – the tendon was achy. Nothing to scream about and I certainly could have run, but it just felt.. wrong.

So, off the the physiotherapist I went. Karl from Back in Motion was pretty optimistic – a bit of dry needling, and he sent me on my way with instructions to take a couple days off and come back. That bit of dry needling sent my calf into a spasm that lasted three days! So, instead of my run, I sought the company of an old friend – my trusty bicycle that had been leaning against the garage wall for months. E was rather excited too – he loves hopping on the rear seat – just doesn’t happen very often now that work is crazy busy! It was the perfect way to spend Father’s day.


If it’s always this fun when Daddy hurts his legs, I hope it happens more often!

Back to running – in short, I’ve decided to play it safe – I’ve had no running for about 8 days straight. Sunday just past I had an easy 7.5km, which went pretty well until the ache resurfaced at 6km or so. A break yesterday, and did a short 2.5km today – still a bit niggly during the run, but at least it isn’t pulling up sore after, which I think is a good sign. I really hope this heals up quick – I have something really special planned for early November, and I need to be able to run. For a very long time. So I’ll be taking it easy for now, a little prayer and rest certainly won’t hurt.

In the meantime, I need to find some other thing to take away the dreaded work-day blues!

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2 Responses to What’s worse than a bad day at work?

  1. Runnabe Mom says:

    Just wanted to send some well wishes your way – hope you heal quickly.

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