My “support” team?

So, having signed up for tnf100, I’ve been quite excited making preparations for the big event. Our accommodation is booked in, and to my delight, my brother and his family might be coming to cheer me along.

And then there’s my Dad, who was going to come and help with my logistics and act as my support team on the course, which I was equally excited about. Or at least I was, all until tonight, when he took a look at the course elevation profile and went, “That’s too tough” and shook his head.

From that point on, without outright saying I should pull out, he started dropping hints that
participating was a bad idea, for health reasons, because it was too difficult, because my 20hr goal looked unrealistic to him etc.

That really ticked me off. I mean seriously, does he think I just filled in that three page form and forked out $400 (not counting accommodation fees etc) without giving all that any serious thought? Since I missed the registration for 2014, I’ve had a year to think this over for crying out loud. And what really gets to me is that this isn’t the first time. He did the exact same thing for the 2013 surf coast century, and I thought that after that event I had made it clear that, with all due respect, I didn’t need any of that sort of crap from him.

I’m now thinking I’ll be better off just using the bag drop system and running logistics on my own.

Here’s the elevation profile in question:




imageIt’s pretty plain to me that that is a tough course. But is it too tough? Surely that is a call for me to make, and has he not considered that that might be part of the joy it brings in the first place? It’s hard enough being an injury prone runner and juggling the disappointments and ups and downs in the lead up to such an event, without having to deal with a wet blanket that is supposed to be my support for the big day.

I don’t know… Am I overreacting? I sort of still want him there, just coz he’s my dad, but his negativity is really just going to mess with my head on the day and I need my head to be at 100% if I’m going to have a chance of making my goal. What to do, what to do??


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2 Responses to My “support” team?

  1. Jill says:

    I think you found your mantra for the race: “Tough? Yep. Too tough? Not for me.”

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