I get knocked down, but…



So, I’m down in the dumps again, because I just got back from a session with my physio, and have been banned from running for another two weeks! At this rate I will almost certainly have to start my training from the ground up. Just when I thought things were starting to look good too – the ache in my tendon was somewhat subsiding, and I was starting to recover some of my lost speed.

This means I’ll have to wait two whole weeks more to find out what happens next in “Zombies, Run!” too. Bummer.

The menu from the physio is really a list of my exercise pet hates – calf raises and a couple of other things involving static weights and strengthening exercises. I know they’re good for me, and I fully intend to do them, but quite frankly, the last time I was ever in the mood to do static exercises was… well never. As much as I hate my job at the moment, I think I would still prefer to go to work than do calf raises, planking and goblet squats. Still, TNF100 is slowly creeping up, and I fully know that the next 6 months are just going to fly by, so best to do this right from the start.

Anyway, it’s not all dull news – at least I squeezed in a few runs before this, and one of them a nice 7km or so on the trails around Lorne on the morning of a company retreat. Here’s a couple more samplers from the trail:

wpid-wp-1417689240668.jpeg  wpid-wp-1417688559990.jpeg wpid-wp-1417688537917.jpeg

In the meantime, my plan for tomorrow: Curl up in a ball and suffer from severe trail running withdrawal symptoms, then wallow in misery and vent my bitterness at my physiotherapist who really is trying to get me back on my game again. Oh, and since it’s just Friday, maybe get some work done too.

My plan for the weekend: Clean up my mountain bike. And get out there making it seriously dirty again. And if after all that riding I still feel up to it, maybe I’ll do those calf raises….

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5 Responses to I get knocked down, but…

  1. Jill says:

    Exactly…wallow in misery for a moment and then use it as an opportunity to jump-start your cross-training. If you are a runner without it, you are missing SO MUCH! Hang in there!

    • Thanks! Cross training really isn’t me – I get bored so quickly! So far the only thing I’ve been able to tolerate for more than 30 minutes is the bike, but that gets old after a couple of weeks too… just something about the raw nature of running that keeps me coming back? It’s a wet gloomy day in Melbourne today. Perfect for biking on the trails!

      Happy weekend!

  2. therfpscribe says:

    Holy heck those sceneries are incredible!

    • Yeah amazing isn’t it! There’s quite a good network of trails in that area.. Apart from stunning coastal views there are also around ten spectacular waterfalls within a 10km radius from Lorne. Will have to see those when I have more time..

      • therfpscribe says:

        I’m going to have to schedule in more time for exploring Victoria the next time I visit Australia. I just spent 3.5 weeks there, and stuck to all the big cities where my friends and family live.
        I hope you get well soon. From personal experience, don’t rush the recovery, no matter how much mental anguish it’s causing. I’ve set myself back several weeks by being a hero and pushing through a “small” pain, losing precious time in the grand scheme of things.

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