The wheels on the bike go round and round!

It’s been almost six weeks since my last long run, a drag made all the more frustrating by the fact that I feel absolutely no signs of the injury. I can jump, even sprint short distances (had to run for a train), and it all feels fine and dandy. But, as tempting as it is to literally just go for a run, there’s that nagging feeling that if I break the rules now, it will all be for nought.

So, with all the spare time on my hands, I decided to give some attention to a pair of old friends that I had neglected for years.

The pair of road bikes hanging on the garage wall had certainly seen better days. Although the last time I rode either of them was nearly 9 years ago, my road biking days were such a big part of my life that I had never been able to bring myself to part with them. And so, along they came with me, on a 7000 mile flight and through three house moves, all the time either sitting quietly in a corner or hanging silently on the garage wall, playing home to spiders and literally collecting dust.


My trusty commuter needed some serious work, and so to save myself the stress and hassle I decided to bite the bullet and send it in for an overhaul. $200 for new gear and brake cables, and some work to repair the old 8 speed STI shifters. When she came back from the shop all sparkly and clean, it certainly felt like money well spent.

My racing bike had fared much better over the years of neglect, and all it needed was a wipe down and some lube on the chain.

My first ride out was close to magical. I’d been on a few rides on the MTB recently, and I loved that, but this was a totally different feel. The 700x23C wheels pumped to 110psi spun up effortlessly and the smooth michelin prorace tyres glided almost noiselessly along the tarmac as I grabbed the drops and tucked my head in out of the draft. Everything felt delightfully familiar and nostalgic as I rolled around the roads in my old neighbourhood.

So, over the last two weeks, between the road and the trails, I’ve spent a good 5 hours / 110km just rolling around and reconnecting with an old love. It’s been a blast, and while it hasn’t quite filled the massive void that running has left, when I do recover, maybe it’s time to put the bikes into my weekly routine. Who knows, switching my shoes for wheels on one or two days a fortnight might just be what I need to dodge that next injury!

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4 Responses to The wheels on the bike go round and round!

  1. 8o7b0t says:

    I understand your pain! It’s flipped around for me however, I love cycling and haven’t been able to ride since a car accident on November 5th. I’m hoping to at least get in a few miles a day with the start of the new year. It’s so depressing sitting on the couch that I don’t bother to shave my legs anymore haha. Hope you recovery quickly!

    • Thanks! Sounds like a nasty accident, and glad you are otherwise ok. I totally get you – it’s like I can almost tangibly feel my fitness draining away. Not sure if this rings true with you, but for me the last couple of weeks of forced rest are actually the hardest because things aren’t really hurting too badly and it almost feels like it’ll be fine to have a quick workout, but i’ve learned the hard way several times that that’s a ticket to a big downtime extension. Going slightly off tangent – back when I was racing I never did shave my legs, but came to regret it when I came off the bike and had yummy juicy road rash to deal with!

      Hope you get well soon as well. Maybe take the chance while you are off your bike, to fully enjoy the other aspects of the holiday season in the meantime!

  2. Martha B says:

    Aren’t you glad you hung on to the beasts? I agree that although biking doesn’t fill that “running void,” it sure is awesome. It feels good and it makes you happy and it’s safe when you’re injured. I’m so glad you rekindled with your old love and you have something to keep you entertained during your time off. I got rid of my road bike a long time ago for MTB $, but I definitely kick myself over that decision every once in awhile. Screaming down a mountain is fun, but so is the whoosh of a fine tuned road bike.

    • Definitely glad! Wife is a bit worried about our budget though – as you probably know, cycling is quite dangerous to the bank account. I’ve already spent upwards of $500 this week on the overhaul, new panniers, shorts and a road helmet. Thank goodness I still fit into my jerseys after 9 years! Will have to be careful with this, or it will start eating into my running shoe budget.

      Happy holiday season btw – Should be booming for your business, and hope you get at least some time to enjoy it with family too!

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