Starting with a foot on the brake

2015 seems to have got off to a struggling start for me. That nasty bout of flu I had over the New Year did clear up somewhat, but it left me with a lingering case of post-viral fatigue, which stuck around pretty much until last Monday. Then, it was back to my first working week of 2015 – quite a rough one at that. The hours weren’t too bad, but getting the information that I needed to get stuff done was a frustrating exercise. Not unlike swimming a couple of laps in an olympic size swimming pool. One filled with peanut butter.

I actually did have quite a few enjoyable runs over the past two weeks, and even a MTB skills lesson (now I have half a clue!), but work really chucked a soaking wet blanket over all of that, and so it took a couple of good runs over this weekend to set things right. The focus of this month is still on building up a bit of a base, but those few weeks of recovery from the flu have really thrown me off my game, and now it’s looking like a bit of a cramfest to put in the appropriate amount of training for TNF 100.

The focus of this month is still to build up base kms, within the boundaries of my recovering tib post tendon, so speedwork will be kept to a minimal, maybe a tempo run here and there. For the most part, I hope to build up to 60-70km/week by the end of this month (currently on 45), but all on long slow miles. In line with that, I paid a visit to my regular weekend haunt, Lake Lysterfield.


A sunny, breezy day, sky filled with fluffy white clouds and a burst of showers to keep things cool. Just about the perfect summer day for trail running really. I put in roughly a half-marathon’s worth of distance, with around 500m of elevation thrown in. The impact of the flu on my fitness was quite obvious – I finished the run with nothing left in the tank, and with the legs feeling as sturdy as pipe cleaner. This was somewhat worrying, given 21km is a distance I used to run as a mid-week effort with relative ease. Clearly the last month and a bit of inconsistent training had taken a bit of a toll.

Fitness (or lack thereof) aside, I was nevertheless pretty happy just to be out plodding on the trails and being cut off from the hustle and bustle of suburban life. I still get pleasantly surprised by the wonders a bit of trail running can do for the heart and soul. The endless rows of trees and greenery were soothing on the eyes. The cool breeze and occasional light drizzle was pure refreshment, and the fresh scent of rain mixed with delightful tones of eucalyptus quickly smothered out the stresses and woes of the week that was. If only my 9-5 was like this – I’d look forward to my work week for sure!

wpid-dsc_0003.jpgThe year may have started slow, but on the bright side, this week marks a month of pain free running with no symptoms from my tib-post tendon. Gonna play it safe for another week or two, and then it will be time to take the foot off the brakes. In the meantime, happy Monday, happy week, and happy running!

The last fortnight in KMs:

  1. Wednesday 7/1/15: 5.2km run
  2. Thursday 8/1/15: 13.1km run
  3. Sunday 11/1/15: MTB skills course – 14.6km
  4. Monday 12/1/15: 5.5km run
  5. Tuesday 13/1/15: 6km run
  6. Saturday 17/1/15: 21.7km run
  7. Sunday 18/1/15: 10km run
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4 Responses to Starting with a foot on the brake

  1. therfpscribe says:

    Hang in there, bro! It will get better!

  2. my26pointtwo says:

    Reading this really makes me long for spring. You conjure a great picture. It is amazing how quickly our fitness departs after a bout of illness but the foundations are in there somewhere and it will come back just as quickly. Don’t beat yourself up too much, you are still covering distance others would be envious of! Great work and a very motivating read.

    • Unfortunately, I hit another snag last week. More on that in the next post, but thanks for the encouragement nevertheless! Your progress to your marathon goal is also equally encouraging, so here’s willing you on! I”m going to have to stay positive to get to the start line of my main event this year.

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