Back home!

DSCN6032So, we’re back in Melbourne for Easter, to celebrate the most important day of our faith with our home church, and also to recover from three weeks of running, trekking, hiking, climbing, sightseeing, driving, eating and just generally having a good time with family.

Yesterday was a harrowing day of airport hopping, but we made it back more or less in one piece. In the midst of rushing for one of our flights, however, I slipped on a freshly mopped floor at the Sydney airport while carrying E (the cleaner didn’t have his “wet floor” signs properly displayed). Thankfully I took the brunt of the fall, so he’s fine, but since I landed squarely on my butt, my left glute and hip flexor are a bit sore. Just as I was quietly celebrating surviving the 70km trot round the Kepler Track without sustaining any obvious injuries! I will be testing the body out on a short run later this afternoon, so hopefully I’ll find that everything in the running engine is working fine.

Work starts Tuesday, so we have a couple of days to settle back into our routine, start back into my regular running schedule and also reflect on the last three weeks of adventure and family time. Hopefully it will give me a chance to catch up on blogging too – there are a lot of sweet and epic memories that I want to get down in writing while they are still fresh. We are quite blessed to be living so close to a country with so much to offer in terms of natural beauty and adventure. The next step up would probably be to move to New Zealand itself – more a dream than reality at this stage, but who knows?

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