Sometimes, it’s who’s got your back that determines how far you can go

Very little running occurred this weekend just past, thanks in part to a weird ache in the middle of the top of my foot. I’m pretty confident it’s not a stress fracture, nor is it anything to do with the extensor tendons. It feels sort of like a sprain, but I’ve prodded all the ligaments I could find in the area and nothing sets off any alarm bells. The pain itself is minimal – a 0.5 on a scale of 1-10. But it’s there, and it makes my foot feel weird. With TNF100 round the corner, to play it safe, I’ve continued on from last week with the cross training on the elliptical, and did a couple of laps in the pool as well. Boring stuff.

So, what to blog about on a running blog when I didn’t do any running? As it happens, yesterday was my wedding anniversary. What’s that to do with running, you might ask? Quite a lot actually. Running takes up a fair bit of my time (when I’m not injured anyway!). A typical training week will have 3 hours or so of running on the weekdays, 4-6 hours of running on Saturday and another 2-4 hours of running on Sunday. Then, there’s around 20 minutes of strengthening exercises 3x a week, and about 1.5hrs of driving to get to the trails on the weekends. Add that all up, and it works out to between 11.5 and 15.5 hours a week, which is quite a fair chunk of spare time, and that doesn’t even count the time I spend watching running related youtube videos, and posting stuff on this blog.

Those are time demands which, as an accountant, husband and a father of a young kid, I can’t really meet. In short, being a runner is only possible thanks to my dearest J, who tirelessly looks after E and does a tonne of housework whilst I selfishly indulge myself in the hills and mountains of Melbourne and its surrounds. Even from the start, when my parents expressed their disapproval of me running, telling me how ridiculous my marathon and ultra pursuits were and how I was doomed to be a cripple (thankfully they’ve mellowed, slightly), through it all, J was nothing but supportive.

So, thanks honey, for being there for me, for the six years of marriage, twelve years of romance and nineteen years of friendship. Thanks for being with me, staying with me and for everything you are and have been. And thanks for letting me run. Happy anniversary!


Workouts this week

  • Tuesday: 2km run
  • Wednesday: 2km run, 20min elliptical
  • Friday: Stair climbs – 2.5 laps x 35 stories
  • Saturday: 45min elliptical (middle 15min at max resistance), 1200m swim
  • Sunday: 2h elliptical
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6 Responses to Sometimes, it’s who’s got your back that determines how far you can go

  1. usabaker says:

    Happy anniversary! Like your wife mine is supportive as well, She says she likes me more alive than dead to if running helps achieve that goal then she’s all in 🙂

  2. So... says:

    Happy anniversary!

  3. Jill says:

    You married a friend?! I LOVE those stories. Hope you will share some day.
    Happy anniversary.

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