Running idle


Just a brief check in, 2 months after TNF100.

No, I haven’t been posting, but yes, I have been running! I’ve put the schedule aside, and really just gotten out there running when I feel like it, and for however long. It’s been quite refreshing just running without the burden of an upcoming event. I’ve been averaging 3 runs per week, with nothing over 20km so far, and it’s been great. Just tonight I had a crack at a 2.4km time trial – easily the most dreaded component of the IPPT test, a “fond” memory from my military service 12 years ago. I clocked 10:09 – around 45 seconds slower – clearly ageing!

All that extra time has gone into spending time with family, a decent portion of which has been learning archery with J. J hates running, and none of her hobbies particularly strikes a chord with me either, so it was by pure chance that we stumbled across a common interest in the bow and arrow. We’ve found an awesome club to shoot at together – Aim Archery in Moorabbin. It’s really awesome – Eric, the club owner, is a real gentleman and has such a passion for the sport. A huge bonus as well, is that the staff there don’t mind E running around the place and even help keep him entertained whilst we shoot. After watching us shoot for a few weeks, E decided he wanted in as well, and I had to make him a bow of his own.

wpid-wp-1437313324505.jpeg wpid-wp-1436964376635.jpeg

At 50 metres!

At 50 metres!

Of course, this is still a running blog, so I will leave it at that archery wise. As much as I’ve enjoyed putting arrows down range, the itch is starting to come back, and my legs are starting to yearn for the hills once more. Time to start planning next year’s calendar, and I am toying with a combination of the following events in 2016:

In the meantime, I am hoping to use the rest of this year to try and get fast – speed has been an elusive thing for me – each time I feel like I am about to crack the 20min 5km or 45min 10km barrier, an injury pops up. This time, with no urge to do crazy long runs for the next few months, I am just going to focus on speed with ample time for recovery.

Till next time, whenever that may be!

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2 Responses to Running idle

  1. Kevin says:

    I am also looking forward to my time off running in the latter part of August. Then I can jump into the family activities with a little more gusto. This training is taking a lot of energy and time.

    • Aye, having a supportive family makes running possible in the first place, so it’s only right that we give back once we’re across the finish line. Good luck for your event!

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