Two bays, two babies.

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It’s been over four months since my last post. I’ve been running, but I have to say it’s been tough to find the time to blog, and to be honest these days, I would much prefer to use the time go to running and spending time with the family. On reflection, this blog got to a point where it was consuming a fair chunk of time each week, time which I have been very happy to reclaim. That said, I still want to try and keep enough of a record to be able to look back on all this, so I just thought I’d fill in the gap with a bit of an update.

Since the last post I have:

  • Managed to avoid getting any debilitating injuries!
  • Brought my mileage up to 60~70km/week (except for off-weeks at 50% volume, which are every third week or so)
  • Signed up for Two Bays (56km)
  • Explored two new running routes for my weekend long runs

The weather has been quite hot and dry thanks to the El Nino pattern we seem to be stuck in, so it’s been tough, but still, it will be good preparation for Two Bays which will be right in the middle of summer.

Two Bays will be my first race in the heat, and it is also thus far has the most restrictive cut-off times of any trail race I’ve participated in. I will have 8 hours to churn through the 56km / 2000m+ of trails, which is a bit of a fine line. My best guess is that I could probably do that course in about 7 hours, but that doesn’t leave a whole lot of wiggle room – maybe 6-7 minutes per 10km. Still, I am trying to get faster, so it would be good to put myself under this sort of pressure for a change.

There’s around 7 weeks to go, three of which will be back home in hot and humid Singapore, so if I can have a solid five or so weeks of consistent training followed by a nice easy taper, I should be able to bring home a two bays finisher’s medallion. If the weather doesn’t go above 35 degrees, that is!

There, now that I’ve got all the running updates out of the way, I can get on to the other big thing in my life. My family. Since the last post, there has been one exciting little update:


And with that subtle hint, I bid thee farewell. Till next time, happy running!


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9 Responses to Two bays, two babies.

  1. usabaker says:

    Really understand the time issue. I have to force myself to up date my blog at this point. Hope you have great runs!

  2. Jill says:

    Thanks for the update and CONGRATULATIONS! 🙂

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  4. my26pointtwo says:

    Ah, I am just reading some old blogs I missed. Exceptionally happy news. Congratulations to you and your growing family.

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