February check in

So, unfortunately, a couple of weeks after my rather start to the year at Two Bays last month, my injury free streak of six months came to a sad end.

It all started with a nasty flu that came on a week after Two Bays, which put me completely out of action for a week. Then, just as I was getting back into the running, I developed a niggle in my right hip, on a 2km easy run no less! As disappointing as that was, it turned out to be no cause for alarm as the pain quickly settled and disappeared in around five days.

This brings us up to two Sundays ago. Keen to try and preserve what was left of my fitness I then went out on a medium run, even thinking I would play it safe by keeping it under 15km. The run itself went well, but two hours later I developed an all too familiar searing pain in my left ankle/shin region. Turns out I’d brought back some mild tendinopathy in my tibialis anterior tendon. wp-1456131844789.jpg

It was a trip straight to the physio, and since then I have kept my workouts to the elliptical machine. Long story short, I seem to have nipped it in the bud, and the pain seems to have gone. I will, however, be playing it safe and sticking to another few days of mindless workouts on the elliptical, which incidentally I find to be a torture. Quite frankly I would rather go through Two Bays all over again, heat and all, than spend another week confined to this cross between a hamster wheel and skiing. However, I have some plans coming up which I really don’t want to jeopardise, so suck it up I will.

Things are excessively busy at work at the moment, and so in actual fact the injury was somewhat timely. Less time running has also given me some time to scheme, and so I have now cooked up a somewhat hare-brained idea: Go fastpacking in the Victorian Alps.

With baby #2 around the corner, and finances looking a bit tight, our annual trips to New Zealand are now a bit out of budgeting reach, and so it seems as good a time as any to start exploring the mountains a little closer to home. It will also be my first attempt at proper fastpacking. Yep, tent, stove, drink purified water from the stream and all – no fancy New Zealand tramping huts this time!

I will be having a crack at the trails in the Mt Hotham-Falls creek area, starting out at Harrietville and making my way to Falls Creek via Mt Hotham, Mt Feathertop and the Hotham-Falls Creek Alpine crossing. Should be roughly 50-60km over two days – nothing too ambitious for a first time. If I survive, I will have a good idea of my capabilities and whether I will be able to handle longer ranges and more days. It will also give me a chance to polish up my rusty outdoor skills, which have only had minimal use since leaving the armed forces some 12 years ago now.

I’ve set the trip date for the Labour Day long weekend in three week’s time. Fingers crossed my grumpy tib ant tendon will have settled down by then!

More updates to come as the day approaches. In the meantime, may all your workouts be happy and injury-free!

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10 Responses to February check in

  1. usabaker says:

    Have fun on your trip and take lots of pictures!

  2. my26pointtwo says:

    Oh no. I hate to say it but I have had this injury in the past and it is one you really just have to rest. I of course carried on trying to run and it got worse and worse until it put me out for a period of weeks. Your approach is far more sensible and likely to knock it on the head. You will soon be up and running again I am sure. What kind of shoes do you wear? switching to the lower heel to toe drop Brooks helped me.

    • You are quite spot on on the treatment. The thing that aggravated it was likely my shoes. I have four pairs of shoes that I regularly rotate through. One has a zero drop, two are 4mm and the last is 6mm. When wearing the 6mm one, I do have quite a pronounced heel strike compared to the others, and so that does put a bit of a load on all the dorsiflexion tendons, including the tib ant.
      It so happens that the run that set it off was my first run in a few weeks in the 6mm shoe.
      Just went for a run in the zero differential one today, no troubles at all!

      • my26pointtwo says:

        Sound very similar to my problems. My Brooks are a 4mm drop and my Adidas are more like 12mm so no huge surprise they caused me issues. I hope you are through the worst of it!

  3. Langdon says:

    I must admit I’d never heard of fastpacking before you mentioned it, Chris – it sounds like something the army would dream up to punish their recruits. But after doing a quick google search, it looks awesome! I hope you can introduce me to its joys one day. In the meantime, all the best with your recovery.

  4. therfpscribe says:

    Hey, first of all, Gong Xi Fa Cai! Sorry to hear about your injury, get well soon! And do enjoy the hike indeed! Don’t push too hard, with the injury, and please take lots of amazing photos as you always do!

    • Wan shi ru yi! It’s quite settled now thanks, gonna try and get some short runs in this weekend supplemented by some swimming and the dreaded elliptical. Gotta burn off all the bak kwa I’ve been scoffing down. Hope all is well on that side of the planet!

      • therfpscribe says:

        Oh God my mom was sending me bak kwa from back in October last year. It has always been the devil of a weakness for me. 😛 Aside from prawn rolls, pineapple tarts, cashew cookies… I think you get the idea!

      • I understand perfectly. Both my in laws and my parents came over to visit, bringing with them two small suitcases full of those goodies (including 2kg of bak kwa). It’s only been a week and we’re about halfway through. Not a good time to be injured at all!

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