Preview – fastpacking Alpine National Park

Yes, I did survive my little trip to the mountains last week, and yes, I did have a tonne of fun out there. Unfortunately though, I seem to have re-aggravated my ongoing case of tibialis posterior tendinosis, and by my physio’s instruction I am now down for at least two weeks off running.

I’m still in the process of going through the photos and doing a write-up, so I thought I might post a bit of a sneak peek for now. Video isn’t really my thing, so please excuse the lousy editing!


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12 Responses to Preview – fastpacking Alpine National Park

  1. usabaker says:

    That was a great clip! beautiful trip; I can’t believe how much the terrain changed at you went. You went alone? Did you use a chest strap camera mount? Thanks for sharing the video I loved seeing the trip.

    • Thanks! Yep it was a solo trip, but the family picked me up on the other end. Its a really stunning area, well worth the 5 hour commute. I didn’t have a chest strap, I used a collapsible selfie pole that when collapsed slots nicely into a sleeve behind one of the pouches on my pack shoulder strap with the camera facing forward. Does a decent enough job.

      • usabaker says:

        That did a great job, I had to ask because it filmed (shot?) like it was a chest mount but I didn’t see one on you. Man I would love to do a hike like that but at my age I don’t think alone is the best idea. Really enjoyed watching your adventure though.

  2. Langdon says:

    Great video Chris! I love the variety of shots you used 🙂 and the scenery is stunning. How far did you end up travelling?

    • Thanks Langdon! It was around 70km over the two days. I’m not 100% sure because the GPS acted up when in heavy forest in the valleys, so it showed around 75km all up but it certainly wasn’t that far.

  3. my26pointtwo says:

    A few things stood out to me in your video. The views were incredible. I smiled when the tree branches kept hitting you in the face 🙂 (i think you did too), but the biggest thing was how precarious some of those trails were, at one point I will feeling nervous just watching. You are very brave to tackle a trip like that on your own. I salute you sir.

    • Glad you enjoyed it! There certainly were some rather nerve twitching bits where the trail was about a foot wide with a sheer drop down the side, but most of it was actually pretty safe – I reckon the superwide angle of the go-pro makes it look worse than it actually is.

      As far as doing it solo goes, although this was my first fastpacking trip, I’m actually pretty confident in my general outdoor and navigation skills – dad brought me up hiking and camping, joined the scouts in school and also had some compulsory military service back in Singapore. I may not have used those skills in a decade or so, but out there I found it’s pretty much like riding a bicycle.

      On top of this it was a public holiday weekend so there were a fair few people about, and I was carrying a personal locator beacon in case things really got hairy.

      Based on how it went though, I reckon at my current fitness and with some slightly smarter packing and planning, my real range is going to be around 3 days / 120km. That means some of the even less trampled areas are going to be within reach!

      • my26pointtwo says:

        There was a point where I was thinking what a man scaling those steps up into the clouds then it dawned on me that someone had to build those steps up there! Mind boggling.

      • Food for thought! I’ve always taken for granted that trails are just sitting there waiting to be trampled on. But someone had to lay down the first tracks, and someone has to come through and do maintenance every now and then.

      • my26pointtwo says:

        You have a lot of adventures ahead of you and all the skills you need to make it happen. I am in awe as always.

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  5. Jill says:

    GREAT video! I felt like I was there with you. Beautiful!

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