What’s been happening?

wp-1468558923291.jpgQuite a fair bit really. This blog has been dead quiet over the last 3 months, and you’d be forgiven for thinking I’d quit. On the contrary, running’s been going surprisingly well. Despite the odd injury and niggle here and there, I am back up to my regular mileage of 60-80km/week. I’ve also managed to squeeze in another epic fastpacking trip with a running buddy, and signed up for BLR 70k, which happens in exactly a a month’s time. Plenty to blog about, you’d think, and normally I’d agree, except that heaps has also been happening on the family front, and that has more or less kept me away from the web log. Given that, I thought I’d quickly post a quick entry just so there is some record of the things that have been impacting my life and running.

On the sad side, one of my uncles, a close family friend and my great-grand-aunt passed away within a space of four weeks. These are people I grew up around. They all played a big part in my childhood, and with the exception of maybe my great-grand-aunt, we certainly weren’t expecting to lose them so soon. As I now live in a different country, I was unable to attend any of the funerals or wakes, and as a result, closure was hard to come by. It’s certainly given me much reminiscing to do whilst out on the trails.

wp-1468409979763.jpgOn a happier note, the main reason why I haven’t been blogging: Our daughter AJ was born on 23 May 2016, bringing the headcount in my household back up to an even number! My excitement for her arrival had initially been mixed with some apprehension and doubt as to whether we would be able to cope. However, so far, she has turned out to be quite the dream baby – only waking up twice a night for the first 6 weeks, and in her 7th, she even started sleeping for a 7 hour block at night. On top of that, she doesn’t need to be rocked to sleep, and we can pretty much just plonk her on her cot and let her drift off to dreamland. A far cry from what we had to go through with her big brother!

It’s also been kind and helpful of my family on both sides to come over from Singapore to help with our transition from three to four, with a special thanks going out to my mum-in-law who has been here for almost two months and has been a really big help.

Anyway, that’s it for this check in – till next time, which hopefully won’t be too far away!

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3 Responses to What’s been happening?

  1. my26pointtwo says:

    So much success on so many fronts. It is amazing how different two children from the same parents can be. Our first was the dream, put second cried non stop. Well she has just about stopped now, but she is seven!! 😜

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