Berry long run berry soon…


And just like that, Berry Long Run 2016 is less than 36h away. I’ve put in the miles, am feeling good, and have set myself a 10h target to get through the 70km and 2000+m of positive elevation that the course has to throw at me. However, rather than the usual pre-race blog about race prep and running through my plan of attack, I want to bring the attention to a slightly different aspect of the race.

As its name might suggest, the run is in support of Berry Street, an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of children who have suffered from the devastating effects of abuse, neglect, family violence, or worse still, some combination of the those.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have loving parents and a stable, sheltered family all my life – something I’ve almost taken for granted. There is no doubt that that has been a huge advantage for me, and I will not even try to pretend that I understand what it might be like to go through life where those who should be loving you the most don’t seem to care, or worse are causing you harm. All I do know, is that it must be terrible.

I don’t do this fundraising thing very often, but this is one cause which I think is worthwhile, and if by participating in this event I can help raise awareness (and maybe some funding!) for the powerful, life changing work this organisation is doing in the process, then I think it’s certainly worth the little bit of extra effort to do so.

So please, head over to Berry Street’s website and have a look at how they are giving these kids some much needed hope. Then, if you are so inclined to, please give to a worthy cause – you can do so directly on their page, or via my fundraising page here. The latter will have the added benefit of giving me some moral encouragement to run that little bit harder this Saturday!

Any amount will make a difference to these kids, but if finances are a bit tight at the moment, then all I ask is that if you want to help, just spread the awareness of the great work that Berrry Street is doing. Thank you in advance, and till the next post, happy trails!

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4 Responses to Berry long run berry soon…

  1. Langdon says:

    Isn’t it great that one of our favourite activities can also help (through fundraising) make the world a better place. Have an awesome time tomorrow! I’ve decided to stick to a sensible training plan in preparation for the 50km Walhalla run next month, so sadly I won’t be doing the 40km option (this year) – regardless of how much I might try to hold myself back, I know on the day I may well push myself too hard and end up compromising my later run. Catch up soon, when you’re ready to have a social run after tomorrow’s adventures.

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