Dec 2016 update -Rusty parts,a cross country run, a 10k PB and a crazy stampeding idea.

With the Berry Long Run race report hanging in draft over the last 4 months or so, I’ve pretty much also neglected to update the log book on what’s been happening in the general running space. So, this is a bit of a catch-up post in that regard.


I recovered pretty quickly from the race, but shortly after got plagued by mild  tibialis posterior tendon issues which came and went over a period of three months or so. Thankfully it never really got serious enough to put a complete stop to the running.

Singapore cross-island run

In late September, during a visit to my home country of sunny Singapore, I attempted an east-west crossing of the country via the southern coast. Selecting an arbitrary starting point of the most westerly bit of road I could find that was accessible on foot, the aim was to run to the Singapore Navy Museum at the end of Tanah Merah Coast Road – another abitrary point I’d selected that looked like the eastern-most bit of road I could get to.

The run went well initially, as long as the sky remained overcast. At around mid-morning however, a brief thunderstorm was followed almost immediately by the clearing of the clouds and the sun shining down in all its glory. Unfortunately, I was defeated by the brutal heat and humidity that resulted. I abandoned the run 47kms in, somewhere in the middle of East Coast Park, with a mere 15kms to go. There was just no point continuing, as at that stage I was essentially walking, and stopping every mile or so to get a cold shower in the public bath facilities along the coastal park. So, that leaves me with a bone that hasn’t been picked. There will be a next time, probably during our next visit home! A link to the Strava activity for those that want an idea of the route I took.


Corporate Games Australia 10k

wp-1481446216853.jpgAfter the Singapore run, things remained relatively quiet on the running front. I was still more or less getting my 5 runs a week, but I kept the mileage down to try and allow my tib post tendon to heal, so long runs were capped at 25km. With that, the focus shifted somewhat to speed, and having not set a PB for quite a while, I decided to sign up for this year’s corporate games. While my organisation was well represented in touch rugby and netball, for some reason I ended up being the only runner!

The course was a straight forward two laps of Albert Park Lake. It was almost perfect for setting a good time – dead flat, cool temperatures and a slight breeze. I ran my legs out (mostly), and did set a new PB of 45:32 (or 44:57, depending on whether you take the reading of 10k from the Garmin or the finish line). I was satisfied with the result, but was a bit disappointed that I hadn’t hit my goal time of 44 minutes, so that’s twice in a row that I didn’t quite make the mark.

To add to the disappointment, whilst I certainly felt like I was leaving it all on the track at the time, my legs recovered within fifteen minutes of me crossing the finish line, which leads me to believe that maybe I didn’t try as hard as I could have. Oh well, another thing to leave for another year!

Strava activity for the Corp Games 10k

Buffalo Stampede 2017

Which brings me to the biggest thing I’ve done in the closing months of 2016. In looking for an answer to that most frequently asked post-race question of “what’s next?”, I experienced a moment of sheer impulse and stupidity, and signed up for next year’s Buffalo Stampede. And not just the 75km sky ultra, mind you, but the Grand Slam – the full three course menu of a 20km/2012m appetiser on Friday, followed by a 75km/4654m main course on Saturday, with a lovely 42km/2003m for dessert on Sunday.

I’ll save you the math, that’s a grand total of 137km and around 8669m of positive gain over the three days. The distance doesn’t scare me quite as much as the elevation – 8669m is well over a third of the total elevation I’ve covered in 2016. The most I’ve ever done in a single event was the 4300m dished out at TNF100 2015, and I’ll be getting more than that on the Saturday alone.

It’s done, however. They’ve taken my money, and the accomodation is all booked. So whilst I am feeling like that kid trying to chew on one marshmallow too many, it’s already time to start prepping my body for the madness it will be facing next March.

That training kicked off this weekend just past, with what was meant to be a cruisy long run through Lysterfield Park and the Dandenongs, with my buddy Langdon for company. However, the measly 45km/1300m left me utterly spent with a serious case of quads DOMS. Hopefully things start improving, or I will be in a (more) serious case of hurt on race weekend!

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3 Responses to Dec 2016 update -Rusty parts,a cross country run, a 10k PB and a crazy stampeding idea.

  1. Langdon says:

    hehehe… just imagine how sore you’d be if I hadn’t held you back on our run, Chris! It won’t help I know, but I’ll tell you anyway that I was actually fine after the run, no DOMS at all – sure I did 9kms less, but the main lesson I think is that I was much better prepared, having had a couple of hard long runs in the weeks leading up to it. (Plus, I didn’t have a cold last week)

  2. Indeed! Although at these stages I am hoping the soreness will pay off, and I’ll be treating it as a measure of success all the way up till February in the hope that it will put me in good standing for the race. Imagine trying to do day 3 of that race (3000m of descent) with DOMS…

    • Langdon says:

      I can’t even imagine doing it in perfect physical shape! Hats off to you for taking on the challenge, if nothing else I know it will produce some very entertaining reading 🙂

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