A queasy end to 2016


So, I started off drafting a typical feel-good wrap up of 2016, but literally hours ago, I came down with the worst case of gastro I’ve had in years. I’d forgotten what it was like to throw up, and after spending 45 minutes kneeling in a toilet at Scienceworks, it is something I would certainly like to forget again.

While my 2016 looks like it will be coming to a miserable end, there is still much to be thankful for. It’s been a fantastic year on the running front, of course – a flick through the few posts I’ve made this year will evidence that, and the decision to focus on actually running and only blogging the highlights means a summary  isn’t really necessary. This year’s stats are a bit of a contrast to last year’s – smaller individual activities, with a longest run of just 69km, but much more consistency with my annual mileage jumping 25% to 2100+km, and also roughly 20% more metres climbed. All in all, a productive year I’d say!


On the family front, we welcomed our daughter AJ as the newest member of the clan. The little bubbly girl has been quick to win our hearts, including that of her big brother E.



Work was challenging all year long with our office being somewhat understaffed and with some good people leaving the organisation for greener pastures. Still, a surprise promotion at the end of the year made for quite a sweet finish, and has boosted the motivation levels back up in time to face 2017.

Anyway, enough musings from me. I will leave the main 2016 reflections for the opening days of 2017. For now, I will head upstairs to curl up in a pool of nausea and queasiness, literally sick to my stomach, but thankful for all the wonderful things that God has brought through 2016. Here’s hoping anyone reading this will have a much healthier ushering in of the new year, and may your miles be merry and bright!

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